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Welcome to SEOUL2007. 8. 25. 21:58
Currency unit is WON(KRW).

1 USD = 931 KRW
100 JPY = 769 KRW
1 EUR = 1250 KRW
1 GBP = 1840 KRW

There are 8 type notes.

10,000 WON (3 types) (pronounced : man-wΛn)

5,000 WON (3 types) (pronounced : o-chΛn-wΛn)

1,000 WON (2 types)  (pronounced : chΛn-wΛn)

There are 5 type coins.
500 WON  (pronounced : o-bæg-wΛn)

100 WON (pronounced : bæg-wΛn)

50 WON (pronounced : o-sib-wΛn)

10 WON (2 types) (pronounced : sib-wΛn)

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Welcome to SEOUL2007. 8. 25. 21:57
Summers are generally hot and wet, with monsoons taking place from June until September. August, the hottest month, has an average temperature of 22 °C to 30 °C (72 °F to 86 °F). Winters are often very cold when compared to places of a similar latitude, with an average January temperature of -7 °C to 1 °C (19 °F to 33 °F). Winters are generally a lot drier than summers, although on average there are 28 days of snow in Seoul each year.

from wikipedia.
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Welcome to SEOUL2007. 8. 25. 21:55
Seoul is the capital city of Korea, republic.
Seoul has 2 international airport (Incheon(ICN), Gimpo(SEL)).
Almost all flights arrive to the Incheon int'l airport.
But Incheon int'l airport is not in Seoul, it is nearby Seoul.
When you arrive Incheon int'l airport, you can go to Seoul by taking airport-limousine bus or airport-railroad(A'REX).
For first visitor, airport-railroad(A'REX) is better than airport-limousine.
It connects with Seoul metro(subway).

Check the nearest station of your accommodation.
Take the A'REX.
When you arrive Gimpo Int'l airport station, get off A'REX for transfering line 5.

You can download the metro map, click here!!!

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